Bond is Back!

Boy is Daniel Craig giving Sean Connery’s 007 a run for his money. I said I was impressed with the Parkour sequence at the beginning of Casino Royale, and wasn’t dissappointed with the opening car chase and the unexpected twists (no spoilers here!).

I had a lot of hope for the theme song as the reputation of the singers has to be world class. I was delighted that Alicia Keys with her soulfully dynamic vocal power from such songs as No One and the more recent Superwoman, was going to be

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The next time I visit Downtown Detroit, I would like to check out the music scene. What kind of a music scene does Downtown Detroit have and where are the best places to see good music. I am interested in seeing contemporary new age music, classical music, and jazz music. Also, are the places to see good music safe to travel to at nighttime?

There are good hip-hop shows & I’ve been to a rave or 2. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarilly super safe but I do fine there everytime I go. There is a huge free event that lasts for an entire weekend. It’s called D.E.M.F. (Detroit Electronic Music Festival). It’s has a variety of artists (not only electronica) & is fun & safe. You should Google it. It has to be coming up soon.

Music video by Rihanna performing Don’t Stop The Music with StarGate [Producer], Rihanna [Video Director], Gina Leonard [Video Producer] (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group

Duration : 0:4:0

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I’ve taken a survey for school and discovered that people who play music are smarter than and read more than people who don’t play music. However, I need to think of some reasons to possibly explain why this is so. So far I have that people who play music have to read music a lot so reading becomes like second nature and also the people who play music have very strong and alert minds because they have to count musical notes and listen carefully.
Can you please help me think of just a few more reasons why I might have gotten my results. Thank you!!!!!

Music explains feelings and emotions and extends them minds understanding.

Reading extends words and improves understanding and concentration and spelling and goes into detail and shows a persons commitment and understanding to a book.

Duration : 0:5:9
Kiki Dee is an inspirational performer from the 70’s. This song, if you listen to the lyrics, is actually quite challenging.

It allows women to go out and just enjoy themselves, without needing a reason. After all Girls Just Want to Have Fun!


You can see how fashion has changed, but are they coming round full circle?

One of the best things about this video is it is a live performance and it puts the X-factor to shame as the musicians clearly can play their own instruments.

The upbeat nature of this song can lift even the darkest moods. Avoid classifying it as Disco, it is a much better song and performance then what you currently hear in charts worldwiide.


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