Future by Design shares the life and far-reaching vision of Jacque Fresco, considered by many to be a modern day Da Vinci. Peer to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a “generalist” or multi-disciplinarian — a student of many inter-related fields. He is a prolific inventor, having spent his entire life (he is now 90 years old) conceiving of and devising inventions on various scales which entail the use of innovative technology. As a futurist, Jacque is not only a conceptualist and a theoretician, but he is also an engineer and a designer.

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29 Responses to “Future by Design Trailer, William Gazecki Director”

  1. U2ber17

    No string theory is …
    No string theory is an idea that particles arnt point like objects but are vibrational modes meaning all the particles are at the same frequency vibrating together

    thats just part of the idea the other part is
    trying to match it to reality the idea is that matter is an illusion and were just concious entitys.

  2. TKMSeznam12

    String Theory isn’t …
    String Theory isn’t a religion, moron. String theory was never meant to “tie” anything together. It was an attempt to prove through multiple dimensions that mathematical equations break down. Wikipedia won’t help you much.

  3. U2ber17

    Rx456 string theory …
    Rx456 string theory is false becuase it hasent been able to tie quantum mechanics with general relativity so that part is filled with a belief so its a religion

  4. U2ber17

    Rx456 what does …
    Rx456 what does bringing peace, treating people with respect or how you would treat yourself got to do with God ????

    how many wars has religion caused i think too many

  5. Rx4556

    Please, help …
    Please, help enlighten everyone by distributing this message to as many people as possible. Feel free to copy and paste this message around the Internet. I am not trying to be superior above everyone else, but I am only coming from a different point of view about the philosophical side of life and I want to share my thoughts with you. I’ve done my part and now you have your part to do. Spread this message to as many people as possible in order to enlighten humanity and towards utopia.

  6. Rx4556

    If everyone on …
    If everyone on Earth realized that we must respect the God (consciousness) inside of everyone, then the whole world will be truly united in harmony. Only then will humanity be truly united in peace and begin building utopia on Earth. Only then will we accelerate in technology and distribute advancements to the common people. Only then will we have futuristic cities and technological wonders you have never dreamed about, like eternal life, virtual reality and space colonization.

  7. Rx4556

    This is the very …
    This is the very fundamental foundation of The Golden Rule, ‘Treat others as you would treat yourself.’ By following this rule, you will commit no crimes against others. You will suppress all negative things resulting from your human instincts, for example, greed, lust, jealousy, prejudice etc. Anything negative towards any other human beings must be suppressed.

  8. Rx4556

    You are not the …
    You are not the only one that is conscious. You are not special. Instead, you and everyone are one and the same because we are all conscious and aware beings. Carefully watch the movie The Matrix and you will see these underlying concepts of The One. We all share love and light deep in our hearts, even though most people might not express this feeling openly or ignorant about it. By realizing this truth, you will start to come to respect the love and light of God in each of us.

  9. Rx4556

    Once you realize …
    Once you realize that God is in each of us, you will notice that everyone, including yourself, is only a different ‘version’ of God. You will begin to see others not by race, color, religion, social status, background, personality, but as true equals because everyone shares God’s spark of consciousness. You will see that everyone around you is just a different version of yourself. It is a very weird concept to understand, but once you deeply thought about it, it makes total sense.

  10. Rx4556

    The point of every …
    The point of every religion is to teach mankind to respect each other. God is not a single, separate entity that has to be worshiped, but it is in all of us. You, me, everyone is God because any living, sentient creature that is aware of itself and has consciousness deserves to be treated as Godlike. God and individual consciousness are closely related to each other. God equals consciousness. Try to think about that. You are already a God.

  11. Rx4556

    3) The most …
    3) The most important point:
    To realize that God is in each of us and that we must respect each other. The Gods of religions like Jesus, Allah, Buddha and so forth are only figures created by religion to control the behaviour of man, to stop men from killing each other. Religion is created to keep society civil; for example, If you do good, then you will go to heaven. If you do evil, you will go to hell. Whether or not the Gods of religions are real or not doesnt matter.

  12. Rx4556

    The Holy Grail to …
    The Holy Grail to Utopia
    1) Follow the Golden Rule, ‘Treat others as you would like yourself to be treated.’ That way, there will be no crime, greed, tyranny, and all things negative toward one another.
    2) Always strive to become the most enlightened human being possible, using all of your potential by way of education, talents, creativity in order to excel and contribute positively to human civilization.

  13. Rx4556

    I’ve been reading …
    I’ve been reading all the comments here and I’ve been thinking really deep about how to solve our problems in society.

    As FractalBolt pointed out the fundamental aspects of human nature have to be changed in order for society to change and I agree with that. But here’s the thing. What if we as humans can transcend our own instinctual natures and follow a very strict code of conduct, almost like a religion? But only my religion can bring true peace. Want me to share it with you? The Holy Grail

  14. FractalBolt

    You people talk …
    You people talk about Communism and Capitalism as if there weren’t any “high echelons” up there in the pyramid moving the strings and calling all the shots. Big corruption in both systems, and whoever is at the top always, ALWAYS, the ones bellow, so unless you actually change fundamental aspects of human nature, we’re pretty much stuck in the same ditch.

  15. cameundermayne

    this movie realy …
    this movie realy deosnt do him credit :/

    see zeitgeist the movie.. part 2

  16. knownfilms

    i really want to …
    i really want to know what respected scientists think of this film, is any of it actually possible or is he completly eccentric ?.His design are amazing.

  17. knownfilms

    I just watched the …
    I just watched the film and thought it was amazing but i did see a few problems with it, the main one being modern culture is so extreme now, under the concept of individuality i kept thinking what if i want to live in a squrare house, our towns and cities are born and raised on rape and pillaging. I don’t see how we can go back ?

  18. walter0bz

    I think we’ll just …
    I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree 🙂 opposing zealots.
    number one threat for me is rising world population.

  19. bigsteelguy

    It’s not about how …
    It’s not about how many children someone has, if they’re Children don’t get proper education than they’re lives will be effected big time.

    And for over population the planet can hold 16 billion people and probably alot more. It’s how people have availability to resources and housing.

    If we build floating cities in the seas and in the skys there is no limit to people that can live on this world.

    Not to mention Space travel.

    Some people take advantage with having more children.

  20. bigsteelguy

    The whole idea of …
    The whole idea of the Venus project is to eliminate boring hard labor jobs, and to make life more open and free.

    Capitalism has an extreme amount of competition and that is good to an extent , and that can only go so far, but someone always gets the short of the stick.

    In Communism there is power and control but still uses money, barter and trade. Education is more available in Communism than Capitalism.

  21. walter0bz

    since WW2 …
    since WW2 capitalism created superior agricultural tech (oil-based). this was given to 3rd world, resulting in huge population boom.
    there used to be 2billion. Capitalism CREATED 4 billion humans. it’s TOO effective at delivering what we want.
    do not “bite the hand that feeds”.
    of course if everyone continues to have large families, they starve! the boom can’t continue indefinitely.

    simple mathematics – beyond the grasp of VP followers.
    world problems caused by mass stupidty, not money

  22. walter0bz

    under capitalism, …
    under capitalism, if you keep the number of babies in balance with your families resources, you can prosper. If you have too many, you get poverty, and it’s your own fault.
    people are greedy for offspring.

    you can still establish a sharing “co-operative” with people that you trust.
    (e.g. communist/socialist countries can still trade with rest of world)
    everyone is different, every country is different.. how can one central authority dictate how everyone should live?

  23. walter0bz

    communism wanted to …
    communism wanted to eliminate money, it was a long “Transition” just like VP says. they said “communism will be established in space” etc. they estimated it would take 50 years to fully eliminate.

    problem was, communism couldn’t generate the same advanced technology as capitalism.

    eliminate money, people work less, and/or less effectively. Money is a continual “voting” process sampling everyone’s desires via feedback (price fluctuation).

    committees are not as effective as expert individuals

  24. walter0bz

    it’s …

    it’s dangerous because under Communism you are forced down to the same lowest common denominator.
    you can’t use your own talents to your own advantage.
    if the rest of society over-populates, you suffer equally.
    when i was born there was 4billion. in my lifetime there will be 8,9,10 billion. My area of land would halve. yet i dont want any babies.

  25. Elise

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  26. Spirulina

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  27. Elvin Coltey

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