Yes, I’ll admit it, those yellow folks have a great theme song, even though Bart doesn’t mention eating his shorts much anymore. We have had the first snows of the year here and it really is an amazing sight in a Winter WonderLand, even though it will probably be gone by tomorrow.

As far as Bart Simpson goes his almost unloved dog called Santa’s Little Helper brought to mind the fact that saxophone playing Lisa would definitely get him a present.

With that inspiration I put together a few items for anyone who finds themselves a Santa’s Little Helper. There is even some for those who are a little bigger than little.


Santa's Little Helper - Teddy Bear                                                                  Santa's Little Helper Yellow Messenger Bag 332484663



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7 Responses to “Winter WonderLand for Santa’s Little Helper”

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    I adore your blog – excellent !

  2. Sabrina the Fashion Girl

    Wonderful, that dog jacket is precisely what I was scanning for! You just spared me a lot of looking around.

  3. Elvis Curts

    Alicia Keys really can sing! I enjoy most of the songs that she has dropped. She’s so cool!

  4. Michelle H.

    I can only repeat the other comments above mine. Excellent content and i think im not alone when i ask: do you plan to add some more images on this topic by any chance? It would make this blog more enjoyable. Just a thought, i hope you dont mind 🙂 Thanks for the great post, Michelle

  5. Priscilla Strictland

    this is the 2nd time I’ve come across this site… great article and keep em coming!

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