I love to go to the beach today, so posting some new designs in my store. I know its Mother’s day in many parts of the world and I hope your mother has a great day. If you cant be near, at least think about her.

Last year I bought my mother a handbag, which was lovely with many secret compartments, one of which contained an umbrella. It was fantastic, it had a purse with a build in make up kit and mirror, a place to keep your keys safe. Probably one of the best designs I have seen for ages.

My mother, she loved it to. But as I liked it so much, she said I could keep!
It was not really her style. 🙁

So important thing to know with Father’s Day coming up, make sure you get something your Dad would like. Beers and sport socks do get tiresome year after year. Spice up his life with one of the funky Dad t shirts. And make his day more memorable for the right reasons.

You can also find some great designs for Mother, just in case you forgot to buy a present as you were on the beach. 😀

Wherever you are, preferably at the beach, make sure you are protected 😉 against the hot sun, drink plenty of water (yes you can have other stuff too) and have a great Mother’s Day

I am off now,

Neeltje Funkster

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  1. Michael F

    Love the logo, looking forward to see the designs that life up to that standard.
    Keep up the good work.

    Nearly on a beach with a blackberry

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