Better weather on the way…

I am chilly and wrapped up and looking forward to a warm plate of fries. I have been reading the weather reports and it says there’s definitely better weather on the way 😀

I was trying to plan a beach party for tonight, but I am having to postpone it to the coming weekend. The last one I enjoyed with a small group of friends and we had fun cleaning up afterwards. The BBQ we had was a nightmare to start, don’t those things take ages to get going! Thankfully one of the people walking past eventually help us out with his lighter, as none of us smoke!

With that in mind, all of us enjoyed hot food instead of ultra fresh and raw food.

One of the chaps in a group next to us had a rather eye catching top on, more for the color then his body 🙂 . I have tried to find something similar but had a problem. The closest color I have found I decided to put a very bold design on. I would really love to meet the guy who would wear this one!

The batteries on our radio died and they had been holding out for most of the day. Someone in the other group got their guitar out and started playing some rock hits. Of course we recognised some of them, but the one he was really good at was the one by Pearl Jam – Alive.
I don’t think the guy could speak English, but he could sing most of the words in it, but probably didn’t understand them. They moved off before sunset and we were in the middle of cooking so we didn’t get any more details 🙁
If any of you like any of the Idols programmes, probably the granddaddy of them all is the one set up in Europe just after WWII, called EUROVISION! Sadly not everyone can get it on the radio, and the WIFI connection to the beach is too weak to listen or watch.
There was a group called Lordi who won a couple of years ago and they were some crazy Finnish folk. They dressed up in monster costumes and small animals and children might have been scared but not many other people except for the fact the lead singer was about 7 foot (2.25m) tall with his boots on. Still at least he wasn’t wearing any earrings!

Haven’t seen many of the contestants this year but it looks like Serbia has got its work cut out in Belgrade judging by the skills level of some of the contestants. In the past the countries had to compete in their own national language which made for very interesting misinterpretations. But luckily no wars were started over it, as far as I know. :-p
They changed the rules so everyone can sing in English, although the rules say that every language throughout Europe can be used, Rick Astley may benefit from learning Serbian. Let’s hope that doesn’t start a new Rickrolling craze.

Have fun and let’s see if the weather wins over Eurovison!

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