Yes, the weather is staying fine for the moment – and I’m loving that.

The downside is I don’t spend as much time at the computer – wait, that’s an UPSIDE 🙂I Got The online store

I did spend some time reorganising the store so you can find things easier.

Well, I’ve tried to reorganise the I’ve put up some more designs in the ‘songs‘ section as I got feedback that you couldn’t always get to what you wanted.

It seems the Russians in Saint Petersburg enjoyed the t-shirts, but sadly the translator I used couldn’t get all your comments up. Thanks for the thoughts anyway. Yes there are some new designs posted up now.

I kept hearing ‘Hello‘ everywhere I went yesterday. It’s one of those songs that sometimes haunts you, whether you like it or not! One of the things about music is that sometimes you get a song that is only remembered by a single phrase – and if they chose it well, it’s the title as well.

Anyway the thing with the Internet is you get connected from all over. Naturally, as this blog is in English, I get more English speaking countries drop by.

The webmaster showed me some brilliant info about how global the visitors are. At the moment, only Africa is missing from the continents that have visited. Let’s hope the Olympics has a full turn out.

I had a request for information about National Anthems as well, now I’m not certain how I could get that musically onto a t-shirt, but I think I might do something with flags (that no-one else has!). Let me know what you think.

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