I was listening to the local radio today and heard a great series/competition they have running. The basic idea is this:

Listeners recommend a local (unsigned) band for the station to review. The station then goes along to the gig and listens to the band playing live.

If they sound good and polished and give a crowd pleasing performance, they get posted online to the stations website – they post a bio, a review of the group, style of music and host an mp3 of the group.

At the end of the week, the listeners review and vote for the best group. Whoever wins the week, gets to record their best song for free at the stations studio! What a great prize for the week.

I’m not certain how long this runs, but the culmination will be a special show where all the newly recorded songs are played – and again listeners vote.

In the end you get some great fresh music on the radio (no offence to the old hands, but they were new too once!) and there are two prizes.

  • The runner up gets to record an album in the studio and have the stations engineers produce it with them. They will press a few hundred copies available for prizes on the station.

WOW. That means air time, exposure and the first royalties!

Grand Prize Champion of Champions gets the sort of deal you dream about:

  • Full studio recording session for a complete album.
  • Photography and artwork.
  • Production by ‘someone you’ve heard of’ (I would love to know who – but it might depend on the type/style of music)
  • The same deal with pressing and promoting – but this time through their national network of local stations!

I’m not certain if there would be a contract at the end of it, but if you were good enough to win through that – I think someone would snap you up in an instant!

I’m trying to find a current link to their page with the details on it. I’ll update when I get it.


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