Yes, Eurovision came and went, but how did Spain get any points with a song that relied more on hairstyles than music!?

The Russians did well, but I think the song was alright, but was definitely improved by the Olympic ice skater…

Not entirely sure, but does that mean that the visual aspects of a song make it sound better? You can find some clips around the webscape if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Not that I’m one to knock the power of images with music, it’s just that was meant to be a song competition!

Just about everyone recognises the Rolling Stones ‘tounge and lips’ image, possibly because Mick Jagger has a similar look…

By comparison, The Beatles image was limited to spelling – plus some amazing photos.

I think the idea of the Eurovision competition is in danger of being a talent show with a predictable result. Two years ago Finland supplied a ‘Monster Metal Rock Band’ who wore costumes all the time and blasted away the ‘tinkly-bonk’ electro-Europop of most of the entries with their ‘lighter’ than normal’ rock sound. This seems to have resulted in a landslide win, plus a number of heavier rock groups trying to repeat their success.

Out of the countries that never learned Russian, there were very few entries that were memorable:

  • Britain – the UK had a funky dance number
  • Greece ‘Kalomira’ had a Christina/Britney style pop tune ‘Secret Combination’ with some middle eastern sounds
  • Germany suffered the fate of having poor sound on the night
  • Iceland with a dance/ballad/duet – upbeat and pure pop!
  • Denmark, well they entered with something that would fit a musical
  • Sweden had a good chance with ‘Hero’, though it might have the wrong title
  • France had the honour of the most beards, with a song that was memorable and even sounds a little like Pulp
  • Turkey had a good rock number from a rock band with ‘Deli’ (‘Insane’) which they even played acousticaly – unplugged in the dressing room
  • Israel – I always wonder how this country ‘fits’ in Europe – and their first entry was Dana International!
  • Ireland – Eire – What a dire turkey, to ruin a bad song, then again you don’t want to win again!
  • ————

  • Armenia and Qele Qele is really catchy from Sirusho
  • Croatia – had the most senior contestant, who showed that you can still have manners
  • Georgia – sung a ballad, which was striving to be more than it was
  • Lativia, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, dear Latvia, the ‘Pirates’ song would make Jack Sparrow turn in his grave
  • Bulgaria (who weren’t in the final) had a very modern dance track!
  • Ukraine had Shady Lady sung by Ani Lorak with an amazingly strong voice and a subtle ‘bip-bip’ which the choreographer really, really made come alive in the performance

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