Saxophone skills silenced

You know you’ve got days when you know you should have got around to something much earlier, but didn’t? Like practicing a musical instrument for pleasure oa performance.

Well, a friend of my mothers was always ‘threatening’ us with a public performance of his saxophone skills – even though we lived close enough to hear the private rehearsals.

Still all the neighbourhood looked forward to the day when a musician finally came out from their modest shell to share the music they love.

All of us were treated to the intricacies of ‘Baker Street’ – or at least the into for countless hours on end. Sometimes you could even hear most of the song, played a little falteringly, but complete nonetheless.

I would often keep my eye out for sheet music for the fledgling sax player and would sometimes find some choice pieces, mainly jazz from the 30’s and 40’s.

We have never got the performance we were promised and sadly, now never will. The show that all the neighbours will be treated to is this mans final curtain.

Even though he was a war veteran from the desert in WWII, he waited until later in life to do one of the things he had a passion for.

The message, if there is one, is stop putting off what you love to do and just do it! I enjoyed all the rehearsals, but would have loved to have seen the joy and expressive nature of a musician in full flow.

As he would often say

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