I was trying to get a new design finished today and while I was enjoying the last of my ice cool water, I looked around and just behind me a big black crow flew at some force into the window!

What shocked me was how loud the ‘thud’ was – it sounded like a full bass drum having the skin ripped. I opened the window to see if the bird was alright, but it had just gone. I think it was probably too embarrassed to admit what happened and hoped no other bird saw it 😛

When I brought my head back inside, I was presented with the most delightful sight my window was filthy thanks to the recent rain, but through these black spots was a chalky white outline of the poor crow. I looked closer and could see all the tiny hooks on the feathers at the end of it’s wings.

I only ever saw one other bird fly into a window, and that was because the birdseed had been blown against it and frozen onto it. That was the infamous blue tit, the robber of the small birds – only called so because the black band around the eyes make them look like Zorro!

If the weather is still good tomorrow, I will try and post a photo of this poor birds mistake.

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