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Kiki Dee is an inspirational performer from the 70’s. This song, if you listen to the lyrics, is actually quite challenging.

It allows women to go out and just enjoy themselves, without needing a reason. After all Girls Just Want to Have Fun!


You can see how fashion has changed, but are they coming round full circle?

One of the best things about this video is it is a live performance and it puts the X-factor to shame as the musicians clearly can play their own instruments.

The upbeat nature of this song can lift even the darkest moods. Avoid classifying it as Disco, it is a much better song and performance then what you currently hear in charts worldwiide.


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18 Responses to “Kiki Dee Band – I Got The Music In Me 1974”

  1. nnnnnnnp

    jennifecarpenter …
    jennifecarpenter from Dexter kind of looks like her.

  2. l176bx

    I remember this …
    I remember this well. absolutely loved it especially the ending. One of the first albums I ever bought. Still got it somewhere…

  3. matsui2001

    Did you see the …
    Did you see the green sexy boots at 00:01 in this video clip.
    I would love her to do me with JUST the boots on.
    (SIGH) Never mind.. I will have happiness in the next life.
    Yes I have a fetish for shoes/boots
    Why does that bother you????????

  4. IllustratingCat

    This fine woman is …
    This fine woman is an inspirational siren.

  5. BassistBob81

    Great song! The …
    Great song! The expression on the keyboardists face @ :32 is pretty awesome.

  6. intrepidsinger

    Janis Joplin in the …
    Janis Joplin in the 60’s, Kiki Dee & Ann Wilson in the 70’s, Dale Krantz (Rossington Collins Band) in the 80’s and Gretchen Wilson today – these are the first ladies of rock and roll vocals. If only Kiki got the recognition she deserved. Aside from this song and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, she is virtually anonymous in the USA. Have been in love with her voice for ever, and when you hear this video you will know why. Rock on Kiki!!!! Great post! Thanks fritz!!!

  7. ulihedi

    “I got the music in …
    “I got the music in me!!”

    love this! rated,faved, danced, enjoyed, repeated … thx!

  8. dwtslvr

    Just love this song …
    Just love this song, Kiki Dee, and this version rocks.

  9. alicia

    I found this post while searching for popular lyrics. Thanks for sharing will come back regularly.

  10. Lilian

    I found this post while searching for song lyrics. Thanks for sharing will come back regularly.

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