Music video for Africa by Toto. From the album TOTO IV. This song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1983. ©Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Inc Official Toto Website — Director: Steve Barron

Duration : 0:4:32

This one of those slow burning songs that always seem to crop up, especially around the festive season. It is hard to listen to hear to a song that is over 25 years old without realising how many different memories it hold for all the people who have listened to this great music.

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27 Responses to “Toto – Africa Music Video”

  1. tststick6

    Just created my …
    Just created my personal ring-tone from 0:00 to 0:28 of this video on Tube 2 Tones{.)com.

  2. Powerkiller13


    du buist und bleibst das größte arschgesicht

  3. AbramTaylor

    THIS is one of my …
    THIS is one of my most favorite music videos! Wonderful music and wonderful imagery tell the story of a man’s search for wonder . . .

  4. sideshowbobmarley

    much love for …
    much love for Africa, slowly we’re making it..

  5. MaterialGirlMad1989

    I love this song ” …
    I love this song “he turned to me as if to say its waiting there for youuuuuu I bleesed rains down in Africa” what an 80s classsic the bloke even has a sort of mullet as well ha ha x

  6. chuilalaify

    just recorded a …
    just recorded a custom ring-tone from 0:01 to 0:24 of this video on Tube 2 Tone{.]com.

  7. DebboDebbo1

    Me too. .I miss the …
    Me too. .I miss the rains down in africa…

  8. saturadivastin

    Just Created a …
    Just Created a personal ring tone from 0:01 to 0:24 of this video on Tube 2 Tones(.}com.

  9. sparhawk1975

    lol, you think …
    lol, you think paedophiles are whites only??? jeez…..get a grip fella……theres paedophiles in every race on the planet….

  10. suzycreamcheesez

    ummtone,, do mean ” …
    ummtone,, do mean “verses”‘? lol and it’s “there’re”. I can’t read your post!

  11. MaddenMadden

    hahahahahahaha, …
    hahahahahahaha, they dont make em like that anymore

  12. Maritsku123

    My dog name is Toto …
    My dog name is Toto! xD I love this song 🙂

  13. solidviewer

    ha ha i …

    ha ha i just watched that episode XD

  14. zettelmeyerin

    ihr seid doch nicht …
    ihr seid doch nicht mehr dicht in der birne !!!!!

  15. ummtone

    and the versus …
    and the versus aren’t even good and theirs only two of them, haha

  16. cheerfreak2007

    karl wolf totally …
    karl wolf totally ripped off this song, he has the chorus but he only changed the beat and added new verses!

  17. August Jenovese

    Your posts are quite good so I will check back!

    I am looking forward to the world cup and I came across your posts. Really enjoy some of the designs you have, if I can get them before I fly out to South Africa I know I will stand out in the crowd 🙂

  18. Onie Caffrey

    Nice little blog and very easy to navigate. Got it bookmarked and will try to remember to visit again.

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