Original Music video from Corey Hart

Duration : 0:3:56

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25 Responses to “Corey Hart, Sunglasses At Night”

  1. woodstockvampire69

    hahah this is funny …
    hahah this is funny…”i’m just some random guy on youtube”idk why but i find that funny o.O

  2. firemansam11

    damn i cant stop …
    i cant stop listening to this song!!! but aviators are the coolest sunnys

  3. IauthenticI

    Hate the user’s …
    Hate the user’s intro. Die modafuckah.

  4. drfool

    Just made a …
    Just made a ring-tone from 0:33 to 0:52 of this video on Tube 2 Tone(.]com

  5. FuhQhaterz

    Awesome song! But …
    Awesome song! But the music is WAY outta sync with the vid, WTF!?

  6. trrbanner8

    Created a custom …
    Created a custom ring tone from 0:26 to 1:06 of this video on Air2Tone{.}com.

  7. thelasthallow

    Actually im not. im …
    Actually im not. im just some random guy on Youtube

  8. mvm199

    I know this ALREADY …
    I know this ALREADY and more you idiot, see how ANNOYING this is when YOU type using capswitch you DUMB cunt. Stop trying to PROVE anything you pisspoor wanker and a DOORMAT of a man and GO CRY MOAR PLS

  9. thelasthallow

    I know Exactly what …
    I know Exactly what dubbing is. and thats what they did to this song and MANY others… like i said many times. THEY ARE NOT SINGING LIVE. they are just lip syncing to there song. they do a studio version then when they are making a music video they PLAY IT BACK and they sing along. that’s how it looks so realistic. Personally it looks alot better than this but the uploader uploaded a CRAPPY Version.

  10. mvm199

    Lol are you lost …
    Lol are you lost for words? Not my fault you dont know what the Im talking about and still dont know what dubbing is. Now go eat your and cry in the corner you pathetic excuse for a scrotal sac.

  11. thelasthallow

    your just …
    your just because you suck at life. you know you lost now shut the up.

  12. mvm199

    No you dont know …
    No you dont know what you are talking about asshole, because it doesnt look right since its dubbed like shit. Go cry in the corner you little faggy bitch

  13. thelasthallow

    yeah they do ‘sing’ …
    yeah they do ‘sing’ but they recorded it IN a studio and later on when they made this video they played it in the background so they can sing-along with it. that’s how it looks like they really are singing it. i love this song and hate ignorant people like you. ok so some people do live Music videos. thing is MOST don’t. at least not anymore anyways.

    Don’t call me a when i clearly know what im talking about and you don’t.

  14. mvm199

    Yeah they do ‘sing’ …
    Yeah they do ‘sing’ but not recorded like in studio, they use the studio track, you idiot, or at least they bother to dub it well. Which is clearly not happening here. So stfu and dont ever correct me again you little bitch.

  15. BadComrade

    Michael Stipe used …
    Michael Stipe used to sing “for real” in all of the REM videos until the “It’s the End of the World” video.

  16. thelasthallow

    are you a moron? …
    are you a moron? its a music video. no one and i mean NO one sings for real in a music video. not even the biggest stars.

  17. monster4josh

    FINALLY–Somebody …
    FINALLY–Somebody mentioned his red shoes!

  18. mvm199

    Yeah its true great …
    Yeah its true great song but LOL …. this video has bad dubbing so hes just spastically moving his jaw around like a basketcase.

    Just look at 0:50 IN MY AAAAASSS

  19. ghscyr83

    Classic! This is …
    Classic! This is one of those songs that no matter where you are or what your mood, it makes you want to sing along.
    Definitely one of Canada’s best. Plus he has got to be one of the sexiest singers ever.

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