Future by Design shares the life and far-reaching vision of Jacque Fresco, considered by many to be a modern day Da Vinci. Peer to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a “generalist” or multi-disciplinarian — a student of many inter-related fields. He is a prolific inventor, having spent his entire life (he is now 90 years old) conceiving of and devising inventions on various scales which entail the use of innovative technology. As a futurist, Jacque is not only a conceptualist and a theoretician, but he is also an engineer and a designer.

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AMI Club Wear Haul #2


Here goes another haul from
Check them out!!!! And don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube:

FYI: I am a size SMALL and EXTRA SMALL in clothes and a size 6.5 in shoes.

ALSO.. I am NOT A WORKER FOR THE COMPANY, so please stop coming to me with complaints and questions about shipping, customer service, etc. You can call their customer service toll free line ( 888 ) 908-1288. Thanks!

*** List of items ***

01.) Yellow Beaded Halter Dress $19.99
02.) Green Tube Top Dress $19.99
03.) Grey Metallic Hooded Vest $12.99
04.) White Halter w/ Ruffles $18.99
05.) Zebra Print Racerback $19.99
06.) White/Cream Chiffon Dress $26.99
07.) White Patent Crocodile Elastic Belt $27.99
08.) Black X Strap Heels $19.99
09.) Silver Snake Skin Sandals $14.99
10.) Silver Rhinestone Sandals $12.99
11.) Red Cherry #5 Lashes $3.99

* For more information about the student discount at Apple, visit! Students in college or faculty/staff of colleges, coppp tha good deals!!!

** First song playing: Sprinkle Me – E-40
** Last song playing: Glamorous Lifestyle – Tha Jacka

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Original Music video from Corey Hart

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Check out this Beach Wear.

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The Climb is the brand new hit single from Miley Cyrus available on Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack in stores March 24! Hannah Montana: The Movie only in Theaters April 10 Click (more info) for Lyrics.

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Music video for Africa by Toto. From the album TOTO IV. This song reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February 1983. ©Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Inc Official Toto Website — Director: Steve Barron

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This one of those slow burning songs that always seem to crop up, especially around the festive season. It is hard to listen to hear to a song that is over 25 years old without realising how many different memories it hold for all the people who have listened to this great music.

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Yes, I’ll admit it, those yellow folks have a great theme song, even though Bart doesn’t mention eating his shorts much anymore. We have had the first snows of the year here and it really is an amazing sight in a Winter WonderLand, even though it will probably be gone by tomorrow.

As far as Bart Simpson goes his almost unloved dog called Santa’s Little Helper brought to mind the fact that saxophone playing Lisa would definitely get him a present.

With that inspiration I put together a few items for anyone who finds themselves a Santa’s Little Helper. There is even some for those who are a little bigger than little.


Santa's Little Helper - Teddy Bear                                                                  Santa's Little Helper Yellow Messenger Bag 332484663



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Bond is Back!

Boy is Daniel Craig giving Sean Connery’s 007 a run for his money. I said I was impressed with the Parkour sequence at the beginning of Casino Royale, and wasn’t dissappointed with the opening car chase and the unexpected twists (no spoilers here!).

I had a lot of hope for the theme song as the reputation of the singers has to be world class. I was delighted that Alicia Keys with her soulfully dynamic vocal power from such songs as No One and the more recent Superwoman, was going to be

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The next time I visit Downtown Detroit, I would like to check out the music scene. What kind of a music scene does Downtown Detroit have and where are the best places to see good music. I am interested in seeing contemporary new age music, classical music, and jazz music. Also, are the places to see good music safe to travel to at nighttime?

There are good hip-hop shows & I’ve been to a rave or 2. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarilly super safe but I do fine there everytime I go. There is a huge free event that lasts for an entire weekend. It’s called D.E.M.F. (Detroit Electronic Music Festival). It’s has a variety of artists (not only electronica) & is fun & safe. You should Google it. It has to be coming up soon.

Music video by Rihanna performing Don’t Stop The Music with StarGate [Producer], Rihanna [Video Director], Gina Leonard [Video Producer] (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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